Food with Taste

Food should taste good. Barnes and Hoggetts provide an exciting home cooking and eating experience for our members. We find the freshest most interesting produce at the greenmarket, come up with tantalizing meals and find ingredients from the best speciality stores in the five boroughs. Ingredients are delivered to you weekly along with recipes and instructions so you can make your own food with taste.

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How it Works

1.The best local produce

seasonal produce - what's fresh July 6th 2013

At Barnes and Hoggetts we get the best in locally sourced produce every week and come up with bespoke, delicious meals for our members to make at home.

2.Curated and Delivered

20130622-P1040063Deliveries are portioned out into just what you need for the next week and delivered to you at home or work. We reuse almost all of our packaging to keep waste low.

3.For You to Cook at Home

Confit Duck Ravioli with gooseberries

You get a menu of three meals each week, with easy to follow recipes. We guarantee variety, and promise that your menu will be be tasty, fresh and surprising.

1. Shopping and Planning

At Barnes and Hoggetts we start with the most interesting seasonal produce at the market. By focussing on what’s available and fresh we know you’ll have wonderful, interesting meals to make. Ever wanted to try fresh chickpeas? Want to know how to cook a blowfish? Not sure what to do with lambsquarters? We keep things interesting by shopping the full range of what’s at the greenmarket, not just sticking to meat and two-veg staples.

We don’t just stop at the greenmarket. Our other ingredients are sourced from the finest speciality stores in the five boroughs. Don’t have time to travel to Astoria for the best feta cheese in the city? That’s ok, we do that for you too.

2. Delivered to your door

Each week, our members get a delicious menu of three meals to cook at any time over the next seven days. We only deliver just what you need, catered to the size of your household: so no unnecessary food waste. This goes for the packaging too. Everything is reusable; we’ll pick it up from you the next time we deliver.

3. For you to Cook at Home

At the end of the day it’s all about the food! Our recipes are easy to follow, tested on a discerning audience, and designed to make the most of the best local produce. We’ll even take into account the weather that week. Who wants to swelter in a hot kitchen when it’s 90 in the shade? Better to go for a quick cook or no-cook dish.

About Barnes and Hoggetts

We set up Barnes and Hoggetts with one clear mission: deliver food with taste. Organic is good, but local is better. If your organic strawberries have been flown in from half way around the world, it kind of misses the point. To get you food with taste, we promise to:

  • Start with locally sourced produce.
  • Keep food chains as short as possible and always give you the provenance of your food.
  • Purchase from farmers and suppliers that have a commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Focus on flavour first.

The Gentleman Grocer

I’m Paul Barnes-Hoggett, the Gentleman Grocer and an Englishman in New York. Barnes and Hoggetts is the natural outcome of a lifetime’s passion for food and eating well. I’ve lived on three continents and travelled to the four corners of the earth with a deep fascination of how we eat. I believe that the best diet we can have is varied, uses locally grown foods and is in tune with the seasons. And with Barnes and Hoggetts I want to bring seasonal eating to a broader audience. Come join me for an adventure in food with taste!