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Confit Duck Ravioli with Cranberries

Confit Duck Ravioli Revisited—The Winter Version

Back in July when we had long warm days and sharp gooseberries in the market I made a dish that would prove to be one of my customers favourites of the year. Confit duck ravioli with the sharpness of gooseberries to work with the rich fattiness of the duck. Now its the middle of winter […]

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duck soup with barley

Duck Soup with Barley, Sweet Potato and Kale

  As the seasons change and the nights draw in I don’t get sad for the loss of the heat of summer. I will certainly miss the range of fresh ingredients on offer, but that is more than offset by the ability to use heat again in the kitchen without battling with my air conditioning. […]

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Steak and Succotash

Perfect Sirloin Steak; Tomatillo Succotash

I will concede that this is a personal preference, but I think filet mignon is not really worth it. Sure, it’s meltingly tender, but the price you pay for that softness (other than the price you pay) is something of a lack of flavour. I would rather something a little tougher with a meatier flavour to […]

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cucumber and rhubarb salad

Spring Turnip Gratin with a Cucumber and Rhubarb Salad

A gratin is a delicious, but usually a somewhat heavy affair. A traditional gratin dauphinoise is made using milk, cream, eggs and Gruyère so no wonder it’s rib-stickingly good. But today I want to make something that’s just a little lighter, in taste if not in calories. So this turnip gratin is a riff on […]

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stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms with Farro and Preserved Lemon and a Sharp Side Salad

This is the second of my long overdue forays into Ottolenghi’s book and this time it’s to try out his recipe for stuffed mushrooms for you all. I got some great fleshy portobello mushrooms from Bulich Farm this week, and I never need an excuse to cook up some farro so this recipe seemed like […]

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Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie — With Shiitake Mushrooms and Star Anise

This is a chicken pie with depth and flavour. It’s not the quickest chicken pie to make (I’ll do one of those sometime soon), but each step is designed to give you richness and flavour. This is the sort of thing I like to make on a Sunday when I have a bunch of other […]

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mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto for springtime

When I picked up my produce at the market this week, I knew I wanted to make a mushroom risotto as part of the weekly menu. What I didn’t know is what the weather was going to be like on the day I made it. Fast forward to today and it’s great spring weather. As […]

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Unconventional Irish Stew

Irish Stew and Soda Bread; an unconventional take

Sunday was St. Patrick’s day, and what better way to celebrate than with Irish Stew?  A better way is to celebrate with Irish stew and a nice tangy piece of soda bread. I went to the market with this in mind, and picked up some great lamb neck in my weekly haul so I could put […]

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step by step shortcrust

Swiss Chard and Korean Watercress Quiche with a Herb Crust

 Quiche hasn’t been a fashionable meal for many years, but it certainly deserves to be more popular. Incredibly easy to make, the creamy egg and cream mix sets off the filling and keeps it moist while the  pastry adds a biscuity texture (in a good way).  And they are so versatile. Whether it’s a traditional […]

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