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Roasted Squash and roots with Miso Harissa Dressing

Roast Squash and Roots with Miso Harissa Dressing

Our last meal was a pickled herring with stamppot and was perfect for one of those gloomy late-fall days that is cold, grey and damp. This on the other hand is the food equivalent of leaf peeping colourfulness and dry crisp days with blue skies. It’s a warm salad of roasted Delicata squash, celeriac, turnips […]

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duck with morello cherries

Duck with Morello Cherry sauce; Puy Lentils with Kabocha Squash

What’s not to love about duck? Rich, tasty and easy to cook, it is a fantastic meal to impress with. With is strong flavour and Rubenesque layer of padding, duck really benefits from a sharp sauce to cut through the fat. Cherries—especially Morello or sour cherries—are an impeccable match. They have a perfect combination of […]

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pasta salad

Pasta Salad with Fried Vegetables and Plenty of Herbs

This pasta salad is just slipping under the wire as a summer dish. I know that technically it’s not summer anymore but don’t let that deter you. The beauty of this meal is that it can be made ahead of time, and can use up any surplus vegetables and herbs you might have bought or […]

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yakitori chicken and simmered squash

Yakitori Chicken, Simmered Squash with Konbu

Almost the end of summer and time for another Japanese dinner I think. This is a lovely simple dinner: simple yakitori chicken with pencil thin leeks and some soothing squash simmered with konbu seaweed. It’s a great combination of sweet caramelised chicken, some sourness from marinating in pickled plums and a mellow slightly sweet flavour […]

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Cambodian Ratatouille

Cambodian Ratatouille — A rich dish of Eggplant, Squash and Chicken

This dish, a Cambodian Ratatouille, is great for hot weather. It has the strength and depth of flavour that a curry might have, but is cooked in just twenty or thirty minutes. Paired with some jasmine rice and fiery hot birdseye chillies, you could do a lot worse on a hot day than this meal.

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grilled eggplant with lentils

Smoky Grilled Eggplant, Nutty Lentils, Sweet Acorn Squash

This meal is an unwitting exercise in things I didn’t used to like but have now grown to love. Each element: the grilled eggplant; the blue-brown lentils; the slightly sweet squash; the dill and even the crème fraîche I would avoid for different reasons, but have found ways that let me enjoy them. This dish, […]

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