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Confit Duck Ravioli with Cranberries

Confit Duck Ravioli Revisited—The Winter Version

Back in July when we had long warm days and sharp gooseberries in the market I made a dish that would prove to be one of my customers favourites of the year. Confit duck ravioli with the sharpness of gooseberries to work with the rich fattiness of the duck. Now its the middle of winter […]

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roast mackerel

Roasted Mackerel with Potatoes and Shallots

Way back in March I made a dish very similar to this, I found the recipe when I was looking for a new Ultra-light jogging stroller, lamenting the fact that I couldn’t get Mackerel and was using Bluefish as a (very fine) substitute. Recently I’ve been seeing more mackerel at market, so I’m very glad […]

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Grilled Artichoke Pasta

Grilled Artichoke and Fairytale Eggplant Pasta

Grilled artichokes are a wonderful thing. Don’t listen to what anyone says about them being difficult to prepare or a pain to cook. So long as you get the small baby artichokes, you can prep and cook them in as much time as it takes to boil pasta.

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Confit Duck Ravioli with gooseberries

Confit Duck Ravioli with Gooseberries

  Gooseberries just started showing up in the market this week. This early in the season they are small and super tart. And I knew just what to do with them. Much as I like a good Gooseberry Fool or tart, I wanted to use that sharp flavour to work with the rich fattiness of […]

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charred squid pasta

Charred Squid, Tomatoes, Capers, Pasta

In terms of flavour per dollar squid is tough to beat. It’s often one of the cheapest things at the fishmonger, and if you can get it fresh it’s super. Even frozen it’s pretty damn good. And squid loves the flavours I love: smoke, tomatoes, rosemary, capers, ginger, garlic, lemon and white wine. Pick two […]

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Stir Fried Collards with Coconut

Stir-fried Collards with Coconut and Halloumi

  Coconuts are a marvel of the botanic world. Almost every part of the plant is put to good use in some way. In Sanskrit they are known as Kalpa Vriksha or  The tree which provides all the necessities of life Which I think is a rather beautiful and apt description. The fibre from the husk […]

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Braised Pheasant

Braised Pheasant with Pears

Consider the pheasant. Originally from Asia, they are the most showy of game birds. With a golden bronze body, a mallard green hood and bright Kabuki make-up, these chaps need to stay low in the bushes to avoid being caught. These guys like to run to avoid trouble, only occasionally breaking cover when they absolutely […]

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roast roots and wilted arugula

Roasted Root Salad and wilted Arugula — A fine dish for the change in seasons

Sometimes the tiniest bit of seasoning or subtlest flavour can define a dish. When I was planning to make this warm roasted root salad and wilted arugula as a bridge from winter into spring I had some things in mind. I didn’t want the roots to be too heavy and figured that lemon would lift […]

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