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baked butterfish with sticky rice

Thai Baked Butterfish with Sticky Rice

  To say that our weather has been odd for fall this year is an understatement. Just last week, temperatures hit a record high in the mid eighties (that’s 30 degrees centigrade in new money). And today we have oppressive humidity, dark stormy skies and a tornado warning. One could say that the weather is […]

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perilla leaves stuffed with beef and mint

Perilla Leaves Stuffed With Beef and Mint

I picked up a stack of Perilla Leaves from Lani’s Farm without too much idea what I was going to do with them. These beautiful, heart-shaped leaves with jagged edges are the size of a small palm and have a really nice fresh flavour that has hints of mint, apples and even that clove-aniseed flavour […]

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Monkfish with Mango Tabbouleh

Monkfish with Mango and Plum Tabbouleh

I’m probably getting as tired of writing about hot humid weather as you are reading it. But our environment drives our moods for what we eat and how we cook more than we give credit for. This monkfish dish is designed for hot weather: no more than about 4 minutes of heat (or you can […]

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Lovage and Saffron Chicken with Green and Yellow Beans

A Salad of Lovage and Saffron Chicken With the First Crop of Beans

After yesterday’s Crispy Pan Roast Chicken using chicken thighs and legs, I want to do something quite gentle with the breast (and lets face it, breasts should be treated gently). I also have some wonderfully fresh beans to play with so I’m decided to make a nice salad  of saffron chicken with some chard fresh picked […]

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Scallops, duck bacon, peas and Quinoa

Scallops, Duck Bacon, Peas, Quinoa

This dish of scallops with duck bacon and fresh English peas feels like such a treat. It’s one of those dishes you might choose at a restaurant especially if like me you tend to choose ‘things that seem to be tough to make at home’. But here’s the thing: cooking scallops is both easy and […]

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sweet potato tortilla

Sweet Potato Tortilla with a Chipotle Balsamic Salsa

When you want to make a reasonably substantial meal in a hurry, you could do a lot worse than a nice egg dish. And this Spanish sweet potato tortilla is a very nice egg dish indeed. Matched with a smoky sweet chipotle salsa you have a lovely quick midweek supper, with extra for the next […]

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