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Cambodian Ratatouille

Cambodian Ratatouille — A rich dish of Eggplant, Squash and Chicken

This dish, a Cambodian Ratatouille, is great for hot weather. It has the strength and depth of flavour that a curry might have, but is cooked in just twenty or thirty minutes. Paired with some jasmine rice and fiery hot birdseye chillies, you could do a lot worse on a hot day than this meal.

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roast parsnip salad

Roast Parsnip Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

A quick sunny afternoon roast parsnip salad. Usually when I think of parsnips I think of winter. Snow on the ground, sweet roasted parsnips and a nice plate of roast beef is a great thing to behold. Today however it’s warm(ish), sunny and spring-like. I want to play on the same sweetness of the parsnip […]

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nettle pasta

A Quick Nettle Recipe with a Secret Ingredient: Pasta with Roasted Rice Powder

About a couple of years ago I decided to become a weekday vegetarian. That is, only eat meat at the weekends (or special occasions). Before then I was pretty much a carnivore. Almost everything I ate for lunch and dinner would have some form of meat in it. With a couple of exceptions (risotto, omelettes) […]

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