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Confit Duck Ravioli with Cranberries

Confit Duck Ravioli Revisited—The Winter Version

Back in July when we had long warm days and sharp gooseberries in the market I made a dish that would prove to be one of my customers favourites of the year. Confit duck ravioli with the sharpness of gooseberries to work with the rich fattiness of the duck. Now its the middle of winter […]

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Confit Duck Ravioli with gooseberries

Confit Duck Ravioli with Gooseberries

  Gooseberries just started showing up in the market this week. This early in the season they are small and super tart. And I knew just what to do with them. Much as I like a good Gooseberry Fool or tart, I wanted to use that sharp flavour to work with the rich fattiness of […]

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Sugar Snap Peas and Farro

Sugar Snap Peas with Farro and a Lemon Ricotta Dressing

The sugar snap peas I picked up this week at the market are criminally good. Crunchy, good sized peas and so sweet you could gobble them up for dessert. So when it came time to make a dish with them I wanted something that would show them off to best effect.

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chickweed lasagne

Chickweed, Watercress and Arugula Lasagna with Prosciutto Crisps

I was quite enamoured with the bundle of chickweed I picked up from Paffenroth Gardens this week. A perky ball of round stalks and perky leaves with a mild grassy flavour. I decided to use up some produce left over from last week’s canelloni to make a delicious spring herb lasagna and treat it to […]

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spinach cannelloni filling

Spinach and Rapini Cannelloni with Lemon Béchamel

Personally I think Cannelloni far superior to Lasagne. I realise this is a controversial statement, but hear me out. The filling to pasta ratio is a little lower, and the pasta tends to be a little firmer as a result. I usually prefer this using dried pasta so that any bits that poke out of the […]

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