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farrotto with squid and ground cherries

Farrotto with Squid and Ground Cherries; Pickled Watermelon Radish

  I would like to claim credit for coming up with this farrotto dish. I’d like to tell you how the idea of slow cooking farro with squid and slightly sweet, slightly sharp ground cherries came to me in a moment of inspiration. It is a genius combination. But it’s not mine. I had this […]

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baked butterfish with sticky rice

Thai Baked Butterfish with Sticky Rice

  To say that our weather has been odd for fall this year is an understatement. Just last week, temperatures hit a record high in the mid eighties (that’s 30 degrees centigrade in new money). And today we have oppressive humidity, dark stormy skies and a tornado warning. One could say that the weather is […]

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perilla leaves stuffed with beef and mint

Perilla Leaves Stuffed With Beef and Mint

I picked up a stack of Perilla Leaves from Lani’s Farm without too much idea what I was going to do with them. These beautiful, heart-shaped leaves with jagged edges are the size of a small palm and have a really nice fresh flavour that has hints of mint, apples and even that clove-aniseed flavour […]

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