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Green Sauce, Grilled Fish, Potato Salad

Green Sauce, Grilled Fish, Potato Salad

I will admit that I started off describing this dish as grilled fish with salsa verde but that is, I think, doing my home country a disservice. For Green Sauce —a rough chopping of herbs along with other bits and pieces to bring a little piquancy and kick— has been used in British cooking in […]

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braised fish

Braised Fish with Fennel, Olives and Preserved Lemon

The hotter it gets out, the simpler I want my cooking to be as a general rule. That certainly doesn’t mean I want to skimp on flavours, not at all. Rather, I want the amount of effort to get the food on the table, and the amount of effort clearing up to be as little […]

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grilled porgy

Grilled Porgy with Green Garlic salsa

A few weeks ago I cooked a porgy in a little sauna of sake and green garlic.  Moist and succulent, it was so good I was determined to revisit this delicious and abundant fish. Now the weather is a little warmer and we can start cooking outside every now and again. Although here in the states […]

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Porgy prepared and ready to be baked

Porgy Baked with Green Garlic, Rosemary, Chilli and Sake

 The first meal of the weekly menu  from the Gentleman Grocer’s haul has to go to the fresh porgy. As soon as the purchases were packed away he set about  making this dish. The mild fish responds well to stronger flavours, and baking is a great way to soften the bones so that the flesh […]

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