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Scallops, duck bacon, peas and Quinoa

Scallops, Duck Bacon, Peas, Quinoa

This dish of scallops with duck bacon and fresh English peas feels like such a treat. It’s one of those dishes you might choose at a restaurant especially if like me you tend to choose ‘things that seem to be tough to make at home’. But here’s the thing: cooking scallops is both easy and […]

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Sugar Snap Peas and Farro

Sugar Snap Peas with Farro and a Lemon Ricotta Dressing

The sugar snap peas I picked up this week at the market are criminally good. Crunchy, good sized peas and so sweet you could gobble them up for dessert. So when it came time to make a dish with them I wanted something that would show them off to best effect.

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