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lima beans, smoked bacon, farro

Lima Beans, Smoked Bacon and Farro; a warming dish for early fall

I had to turn my heating on for the first time this morning. Now the temperature has started to dip into the 50’s at night our food tastes turn towards soups and stews that will warm us up and keep us warm. This dish, a rough mix of lima beans (that’s butter beans to the […]

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farmers market fried rice

Farmers Market Fried Rice

  I’ve been planning to make a nice fried rice dish for a while. It’s a wonderful way to bring a medley of ingredients together and is so easy to make. This version of fried rice uses some of the best stuff from my last trip to the farmers market and makes a big break […]

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Sugar Snap Peas and Farro

Sugar Snap Peas with Farro and a Lemon Ricotta Dressing

The sugar snap peas I picked up this week at the market are criminally good. Crunchy, good sized peas and so sweet you could gobble them up for dessert. So when it came time to make a dish with them I wanted something that would show them off to best effect.

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Grilled Sole

Grilled Sole, Fancy Mashed Potatoes, Pea Shoot Pesto

Flatfish are one of the most curious looking edibles in the sea (and they have good competition). They live on the bottom of the ocean and hide during the day under sand and mud, with just their eyes and gills poking out. Then at night they undulate through the sea eating their fill before returning […]

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