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Roasted Squash and roots with Miso Harissa Dressing

Roast Squash and Roots with Miso Harissa Dressing

Our last meal was a pickled herring with stamppot and was perfect for one of those gloomy late-fall days that is cold, grey and damp. This on the other hand is the food equivalent of leaf peeping colourfulness and dry crisp days with blue skies. It’s a warm salad of roasted Delicata squash, celeriac, turnips […]

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Miso Glazed Blowfish

Miso Glazed Blowfish, Hakurei Turnips, Bok Choy

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to kill you with this dish. For unlike Fugu, their extraordinarily poisonous cousins from the east, the blowfish found off the coast of Long Island is completely harmless. Not only that, they’re quick to prepare and very tasty. I decided to use some Asian flavours as a little nod to […]

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Dashi — making it, and a couple of simple uses

Dashi — making it, and a couple of simple uses

I have always had a great fondness for japanese cuisine; it’s combination of simplicity in presentation and depth of flavour to bring out the best in fresh produce. Whether it’s the simple grilling of a Robatayaki or the warming oily depth of ramen (like this, not like this), there is just something so cleansingly right about the […]

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