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duck with morello cherries

Duck with Morello Cherry sauce; Puy Lentils with Kabocha Squash

What’s not to love about duck? Rich, tasty and easy to cook, it is a fantastic meal to impress with. With is strong flavour and Rubenesque layer of padding, duck really benefits from a sharp sauce to cut through the fat. Cherries—especially Morello or sour cherries—are an impeccable match. They have a perfect combination of […]

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grilled eggplant with lentils

Smoky Grilled Eggplant, Nutty Lentils, Sweet Acorn Squash

This meal is an unwitting exercise in things I didn’t used to like but have now grown to love. Each element: the grilled eggplant; the blue-brown lentils; the slightly sweet squash; the dill and even the crème fraîche I would avoid for different reasons, but have found ways that let me enjoy them. This dish, […]

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lentil and chard soup

Swiss Chard, Red Lentil and Lemon Soup for Spring

I’ll admit now to being a little apprehensive about making this soup for a few reasons. There’s the use of red lentils; which I associate (unfairly) with bad ’70s vegetarian cookery. There’s the use of cinnamon, which has a tendency to overpower any subtlety of flavours. And then there’s the knowledge that the psychedelic colours […]

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