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yakitori chicken and simmered squash

Yakitori Chicken, Simmered Squash with Konbu

Almost the end of summer and time for another Japanese dinner I think. This is a lovely simple dinner: simple yakitori chicken with pencil thin leeks and some soothing squash simmered with konbu seaweed. It’s a great combination of sweet caramelised chicken, some sourness from marinating in pickled plums and a mellow slightly sweet flavour […]

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Dashi — making it, and a couple of simple uses

Dashi — making it, and a couple of simple uses

I have always had a great fondness for japanese cuisine; it’s combination of simplicity in presentation and depth of flavour to bring out the best in fresh produce. Whether it’s the simple grilling of a Robatayaki or the warming oily depth of ramen (like this, not like this), there is just something so cleansingly right about the […]

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