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Fried Whiting

Fried Whiting with spicy flavours

  I’m going to call it now. Whiting —Merlangius Merlangus— is not a very exciting fish on it’s own. It’s an ethical fish sure, being pretty abundant this side of the Atlantic and cheap as chips, but it just doesn’t pack any weight. As the The Oxford Companion to Food suggests: “It is easy to digest […]

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steamed lamb with cous cous

Lamb shoulder, wild garlic, mint —A treat for Easter or Passover

  Easter lunch at the Barnes & Hoggetts Sr. household means roast lamb. Every year my father wreaks havoc in the kitchen as he uses every pan available to make his signature (and one of my favourite) dishes. The combination of lamb and garlic is set off by that most traditional of British condiments: mint […]

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