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pan roast fish, gremolata mash, green beans with tomatoes

Dad’s Pan Roast Fish, Gremolata Mash and Green Beans with Tomatoes

I mentioned yesterday that I was hosting visitors this week. I didn’t mention that these visitors are my illustrious parents and I’m putting them to work while they are here. I’m lucky that both my mother and father are great cooks, and so they are going to treat us to meals from their repertoire. Today […]

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Cambodian Ratatouille

Cambodian Ratatouille — A rich dish of Eggplant, Squash and Chicken

This dish, a Cambodian Ratatouille, is great for hot weather. It has the strength and depth of flavour that a curry might have, but is cooked in just twenty or thirty minutes. Paired with some jasmine rice and fiery hot birdseye chillies, you could do a lot worse on a hot day than this meal.

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Lovage and Saffron Chicken with Green and Yellow Beans

A Salad of Lovage and Saffron Chicken With the First Crop of Beans

After yesterday’s Crispy Pan Roast Chicken using chicken thighs and legs, I want to do something quite gentle with the breast (and lets face it, breasts should be treated gently). I also have some wonderfully fresh beans to play with so I’m decided to make a nice salad  of saffron chicken with some chard fresh picked […]

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