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Palak Paneer, Fried Carrots, Coconut Rice

Palak Paneer, Spicy Carrots, Coconut Rice

I love living in New York but it’s hard to find a good curry here. Back in London where I’m from curry is as solid and commonplace as say good pizza or Italian food is in the city. Palak Paneer —a spinach and cheese curry is one of my favourites. Rich and spicy, the spinach […]

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Stir Fried Collards with Coconut

Stir-fried Collards with Coconut and Halloumi

  Coconuts are a marvel of the botanic world. Almost every part of the plant is put to good use in some way. In Sanskrit they are known as Kalpa Vriksha or  The tree which provides all the necessities of life Which I think is a rather beautiful and apt description. The fibre from the husk […]

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