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Tomato Stew with Cranberry Beans and Chard

Tomato Stew with Cranberry Beans and Chard

This tomato stew cries out for a cool night. It’s a rich, rustic mêlée of beans, tomatoes and chard brought together and given an amazing freshness thanks to its last-moment addition of fresh herbs and vinegar. With a simple toasted rye bread smeared thick with crème frâiche its the sort of thing that will warm […]

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Fishcakes with Jalapeño and Lime

Fish cakes with Jalapeño and Cilantro; Apple Salad with Pomegranate Molasses

Fish cakes are an undervalued part of a good home cook’s repertoire. They fit into that world of second-string meals; generally used as a means for consuming leftover potatoes and fish. But I think this is unfair. Done well, fish cakes are a glorious thing – homely, economical, and more than anything, rather tasty. The […]

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grilled eggplant with lentils

Smoky Grilled Eggplant, Nutty Lentils, Sweet Acorn Squash

This meal is an unwitting exercise in things I didn’t used to like but have now grown to love. Each element: the grilled eggplant; the blue-brown lentils; the slightly sweet squash; the dill and even the crème fraîche I would avoid for different reasons, but have found ways that let me enjoy them. This dish, […]

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cucumber and rhubarb salad

Spring Turnip Gratin with a Cucumber and Rhubarb Salad

A gratin is a delicious, but usually a somewhat heavy affair. A traditional gratin dauphinoise is made using milk, cream, eggs and Gruyère so no wonder it’s rib-stickingly good. But today I want to make something that’s just a little lighter, in taste if not in calories. So this turnip gratin is a riff on […]

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Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka — A very quick midweek supper

Us Brits love our Indian food as much as (perhaps more than?) Americans love Mexican food. Unfortunately it’s the sort of thing that puts off the home cook because of extensive lists of ingredients or lengthy cooking times. This quick paneer tikka takes just a few minutes prep in the morning and is ready in […]

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