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Tomato Stew with Cranberry Beans and Chard

Tomato Stew with Cranberry Beans and Chard

This tomato stew cries out for a cool night. It’s a rich, rustic mêlée of beans, tomatoes and chard brought together and given an amazing freshness thanks to its last-moment addition of fresh herbs and vinegar. With a simple toasted rye bread smeared thick with crème frâiche its the sort of thing that will warm […]

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Steak and Succotash

Perfect Sirloin Steak; Tomatillo Succotash

I will concede that this is a personal preference, but I think filet mignon is not really worth it. Sure, it’s meltingly tender, but the price you pay for that softness (other than the price you pay) is something of a lack of flavour. I would rather something a little tougher with a meatier flavour to […]

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