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yakitori chicken and simmered squash

Yakitori Chicken, Simmered Squash with Konbu

Almost the end of summer and time for another Japanese dinner I think. This is a lovely simple dinner: simple yakitori chicken with pencil thin leeks and some soothing squash simmered with konbu seaweed. It’s a great combination of sweet caramelised chicken, some sourness from marinating in pickled plums and a mellow slightly sweet flavour […]

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Cambodian Ratatouille

Cambodian Ratatouille — A rich dish of Eggplant, Squash and Chicken

This dish, a Cambodian Ratatouille, is great for hot weather. It has the strength and depth of flavour that a curry might have, but is cooked in just twenty or thirty minutes. Paired with some jasmine rice and fiery hot birdseye chillies, you could do a lot worse on a hot day than this meal.

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Lovage and Saffron Chicken with Green and Yellow Beans

A Salad of Lovage and Saffron Chicken With the First Crop of Beans

After yesterday’s Crispy Pan Roast Chicken using chicken thighs and legs, I want to do something quite gentle with the breast (and lets face it, breasts should be treated gently). I also have some wonderfully fresh beans to play with so I’m decided to make a nice salad  of saffron chicken with some chard fresh picked […]

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chicken and Kohlrabi

Crispy Pan-Roast Chicken with Kohlrabi

This week is Pastured Poultry Week and to celebrate, I’m going to do a couple of chicken dishes over the next few days. My plan is to show some versatility you can get from a single chicken. It’s mild base flavour is great if you want to layer flavours on top (I’ll be doing this […]

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pickled carrots salad with chickpeas and chicken

Pickled Carrots, Spiced Chickpeas, Ginger Chicken

After a couple of carb-loaded meals (pasta and a pie), I think it’s time to redress the balance with a nice clean salad. I’d been inspired by a carrot salad I’d seen over at the ever-delicious 101 Cookbooks, and I wanted to try something along those lines. I decided to compose a salad with three […]

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Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie — With Shiitake Mushrooms and Star Anise

This is a chicken pie with depth and flavour. It’s not the quickest chicken pie to make (I’ll do one of those sometime soon), but each step is designed to give you richness and flavour. This is the sort of thing I like to make on a Sunday when I have a bunch of other […]

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grilled chicken and new potato salad

Grilled Chicken, New Potato Salad with Avocado, Mint and Radish

Just like that it’s become summer. Last week the mean temperature was just 44°F and now as I write this the temperature right now is 84° and a gentle breeze is blowing through the window. How do you best deal with a sudden onset of warm weather? Grilled chicken of course!

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