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Romanesco Broccoli and Pasta Bake with a Carrot and Sorrel Salad

Romanesco Broccoli and Pasta Bake with a Carrot and Sorrel Salad

  There are some dishes are best eaten at home. It’s not that they are bad, far from it. They are just such cosy meals that they deserve to be eaten on the couch in front of great (or wonderfully awful) TV. This meal of parmesan crusted pasta and Romanesco Broccoli is one of those […]

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Nectarine, couscous and spigarelli broccoli salad

A Farewell Summer Salad of Nectarines, Spigarelli Broccoli, Tomatoes and Couscous

  I have to be honest, I’m glad summer is drawing to a close. Coming from a Northern European climate, I struggle with hot days and high humidity is like Kryptonite to me. Of course all that being said, I do like the range of produce it gives us; especially as summer draws to a […]

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broccoli pasta

Broccoli Pasta with Transformative Power-ups

My broccoli had lasted well, but after a week hanging out in the chiller it was just starting to look past its best. Usually I’m pretty good at getting my veg used up in time but I have issues with broccoli. It’s just a little too wholesome; a little too much Sandra Dee, and not […]

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