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pan roast fish, gremolata mash, green beans with tomatoes

Dad’s Pan Roast Fish, Gremolata Mash and Green Beans with Tomatoes

I mentioned yesterday that I was hosting visitors this week. I didn’t mention that these visitors are my illustrious parents and I’m putting them to work while they are here. I’m lucky that both my mother and father are great cooks, and so they are going to treat us to meals from their repertoire. Today […]

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pan fried bluefish

Pan fried bluefish with Sorrel and Tomato Couscous

Today is the first day of the year I could have done with the air-conditioning on. Of course, like most of NYC I haven’t installed them yet so I’ll just sweat it out. It’s a humid, muggy day and the last thing I want to do is spent a bunch of time over a hot […]

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Soused Fish, Green Leaves, Dark Bread

Soused Fish, Green Leaves, Dark Bread

When I go to market to pick up the best of the weeks’ seasonal produce I know that if the fish is good I’ll be having that for supper on the day I buy it. And usually that’s it for eating fresh fish for the week. Sometimes you want to have the fish later in […]

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Roast Bluefish

Bluefish with roast potatoes and onions, and a side salad to lift it

At the market this week I was once again eagerly looking forward to picking up some mackerel from PE & DD Seafoods. Mackerel is beautiful to look at and such a fine taste: oily and fishy, but not too fishy.  Sadly once again, Long Island Sound failed to offer up my favourite fish. This is what being a […]

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