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baked butterfish with sticky rice

Thai Baked Butterfish with Sticky Rice

  To say that our weather has been odd for fall this year is an understatement. Just last week, temperatures hit a record high in the mid eighties (that’s 30 degrees centigrade in new money). And today we have oppressive humidity, dark stormy skies and a tornado warning. One could say that the weather is […]

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Baked Fish

Baked Fish, Balearic style; Spanish Rice

  There are some meals that rely on exquisite and complex preparations. Others use long and slow cooking to develop intense and unctuous flavours, and still others work on the basis of blisteringly fresh ingredients barely touched by heat. This baked fish dish sits happily in a midway spot: it’s very easy to prepare, can […]

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Ratatouille is a staple of French home cooking. It’s one those dishes that is so deeply ingrained in the French culinary psyche that it prompts fierce debate as to what is the ‘right’ way to make it. Much like the shepherd’s pie to the Brits and perhaps meatloaf or chili to the Americans, ratatouille is […]

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pan fried gnocchi

Pan Fried Gnocchi with a Simple Tomato Sauce

The hardest thing I’m going to find about writing this recipe is letting you into my secret world of pan-fried gnocchi. I used to quite like gnocchi. Then a few years ago I had a meal at Supper in the East Village that rocked my world. It was some sort of roast meat—well cooked but […]

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fiddlehead fern curry

Fiddlehead Fern Curry

The fiddlehead fern season here in the Northeastern part of the U.S. is brief and provokes quite a bit of enthusiastic foraging. Whilst not quite as frenzied as Ramps, people do get quite worked up over them. And for good reason: they’re pretty tasty, sort of a firm, grassy asparagus, and their fronds are great […]

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