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Mum's Venison Sausages with Spiced Red Cabbage and 'Mashcakes'

Mum’s Venison Sausages with Spiced Red Cabbage and ‘Mashcakes’

Our last meal was a great piece of pan-roast fish cooked by my father. Carrying on with the theme today we have a great supper of venison sausages and red cabbage made by my mum that needs virtually no preparation and doesn’t get in the way of the evening G&T…

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Fishcakes with Jalapeño and Lime

Fish cakes with Jalapeño and Cilantro; Apple Salad with Pomegranate Molasses

Fish cakes are an undervalued part of a good home cook’s repertoire. They fit into that world of second-string meals; generally used as a means for consuming leftover potatoes and fish. But I think this is unfair. Done well, fish cakes are a glorious thing – homely, economical, and more than anything, rather tasty. The […]

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