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tomato soup

Roasted Tomato Soup — A Fitting Farewell

  Dr Johnson said that when one is tired of London, one is tired of life. From a culinary perspective, I think the same can be said of tomatoes.They have such variety, be it in size, shape texture or flavour that there are few meals that wouldn’t welcome tomatoes. Whether in a Greek salad, a […]

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farrotto with squid and ground cherries

Farrotto with Squid and Ground Cherries; Pickled Watermelon Radish

  I would like to claim credit for coming up with this farrotto dish. I’d like to tell you how the idea of slow cooking farro with squid and slightly sweet, slightly sharp ground cherries came to me in a moment of inspiration. It is a genius combination. But it’s not mine. I had this […]

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duck with morello cherries

Duck with Morello Cherry sauce; Puy Lentils with Kabocha Squash

What’s not to love about duck? Rich, tasty and easy to cook, it is a fantastic meal to impress with. With is strong flavour and Rubenesque layer of padding, duck really benefits from a sharp sauce to cut through the fat. Cherries—especially Morello or sour cherries—are an impeccable match. They have a perfect combination of […]

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bucatini with scallops walnuts and artichokes

Bucatini with Scallops, Walnuts and Artichokes

This meal came together as if it was meant to happen. At the market this week were some fresh walnuts still in their green hulls. We were going to play around with providing these to use in a dish, but soon found out that they are a pain to hull and have a dye in […]

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Mum's Venison Sausages with Spiced Red Cabbage and 'Mashcakes'

Mum’s Venison Sausages with Spiced Red Cabbage and ‘Mashcakes’

Our last meal was a great piece of pan-roast fish cooked by my father. Carrying on with the theme today we have a great supper of venison sausages and red cabbage made by my mum that needs virtually no preparation and doesn’t get in the way of the evening G&T…

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pan roast fish, gremolata mash, green beans with tomatoes

Dad’s Pan Roast Fish, Gremolata Mash and Green Beans with Tomatoes

I mentioned yesterday that I was hosting visitors this week. I didn’t mention that these visitors are my illustrious parents and I’m putting them to work while they are here. I’m lucky that both my mother and father are great cooks, and so they are going to treat us to meals from their repertoire. Today […]

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light baked pasta

Baked Pasta —A light version with Yoghurt, Squash, Kale and Feta

This week I have visitors and so I wanted to start with a dish that I think is a perfect meal to greet people (not so) fresh off a long transatlantic flight. Feeding people who have just arrived after a long journey is a tricky affair. You want to welcome them into your home with […]

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baked eggplant

Baked Eggplant with Tomatoes, Chillies, Mozzarella and Mint

Baked eggplant might sound at first blush like a depressingly bland affair. But once you have tried this wonderful marriage of succulent pillowy soft eggplant with sharp tomatoes; spicy heat playing off cooling mint and calming mozzarella I think you will change your mind. The simplicity of the making the dish belies the complexity of […]

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duck soup with barley

Duck Soup with Barley, Sweet Potato and Kale

  As the seasons change and the nights draw in I don’t get sad for the loss of the heat of summer. I will certainly miss the range of fresh ingredients on offer, but that is more than offset by the ability to use heat again in the kitchen without battling with my air conditioning. […]

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