Seasonal Produce Report — What’s Fresh December 13th 2013

Seasonal Produce December 13th 2013
The last major roundup of seasonal produce from the farmers market for the year and there is still a surprising amount of greenery available to buy. Things will get distinctly more ‘rootey’ in January and February, but for now, lets still enjoy what we have!

There’s an abundance of garlic still around at the market stalls: be it Keith’s, Lani’s or any one of a dozen other farmers, you can do well to pick some of these wonderful bulbs up to keep the winter chills away.
Winter Salad Mix
Also from Lani’s is this great winter salad mix of baby leaves. Definitely looking at hardier varieties here; kale and mustard greens are in there amongst others. Treat them to a robust dressing and you’ll be in great shape.
Baby Watercress
A little more delicate is this hyrdoponically grown baby watercress from Two Guys From Woodbridge. Milder than full grown watercress, it still has that peppery kick that makes it a great match for the duck ravioli I made this week.
The ravioli is a revisit of a similar recipe I made in high summer with gooseberries. This time round we get our sharpness from these wonderful fresh cranberries sold by Breezy Hill Orchard. They’re actually grown by the Dana Miller family in Kingston MA.
I’ll admit that brocolli isn’t exactly a sexy vegetable, even amongst its companion brassicas. But when I saw these florets from Hoeffner farms, replete with their leafy shawls, I couldn’t resist. Try them in a quick simple pasta dish with anchovies for an amazingly fast and tasty midweek supper.
Crimini Mushrooms
Likewise, when it comes to mushrooms, the crimini and simple button mushroom are often passed over for beefy portobellos or somewhat more exotic oyster and shiitake mushrooms. I’ve been making a great mushroom stew with a sort of homemade biscuit baked on top. Recipe to be posted in the new year!
I can tell you that I’m using lots of thyme in with the mushrooms. My home grown thyme was ravaged by an army of squirrels over the last week or so, but fortunately the stuff at S & S.O. Produce is plentiful and inexpensive.

Black Soy Beans
As we get into lean times when it comes to fresh produce, a good place to turn is to dried pulses and beans. Cayuga Pure Organics is a great place to start, although these black soy beans are from Lani’s farm.

Mackerel Fillets
And last, but by certainly no means least, are these wonderful fresh mackerel. I make no secret of the fact that this is my all time favourite fish, and with good reason: it’s very healthy, tasty and just damned beautiful to look at! This is a great meal to recover from an injury because it has lots of vitamins. If you even experience severe pain, then check out this emg test pain. As ever P.E. & D.D. Seafood supplies the best…

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