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Tomato Stew with Cranberry Beans and Chard

Tomato Stew with Cranberry Beans and Chard

This tomato stew cries out for a cool night. It’s a rich, rustic mêlée of beans, tomatoes and chard brought together and given an amazing freshness thanks to its last-moment addition of fresh herbs and vinegar. With a simple toasted rye bread smeared thick with crème frâiche its the sort of thing that will warm […]

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Romanesco Broccoli and Pasta Bake with a Carrot and Sorrel Salad

Romanesco Broccoli and Pasta Bake with a Carrot and Sorrel Salad

  There are some dishes are best eaten at home. It’s not that they are bad, far from it. They are just such cosy meals that they deserve to be eaten on the couch in front of great (or wonderfully awful) TV. This meal of parmesan crusted pasta and Romanesco Broccoli is one of those […]

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Baked Fish

Baked Fish, Balearic style; Spanish Rice

  There are some meals that rely on exquisite and complex preparations. Others use long and slow cooking to develop intense and unctuous flavours, and still others work on the basis of blisteringly fresh ingredients barely touched by heat. This baked fish dish sits happily in a midway spot: it’s very easy to prepare, can […]

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tomato sauce

Tomato Sauce — A simple recipe for a cornerstone sauce

  In a few week’s time our glorious tomato season will be over. So this week I want to do something a little different and introduce a recipe for a basic and wonderfully flexible tomato sauce. Once you’ve made this rich red mother-sauce you can do all sorts of things with it, making it perfect […]

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Weekly Menu for September 20th: Chillies!

I found the draw of the fresh chillies from Eckerton Hill Farm irresistible this week so I set out to craft three different meals that all had a bit of kick to them. Even though only one of them is actually a curry they all have just a little bit of heat to them. Or […]

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a selection of seasonal produce from New York's markets September 14th 2013

Seasonal Produce Report — What’s Fresh September 14th 2013

As we have cooler weather and the nights draw in it’s a good time to heat up our roundup of seasonal produce with a range of fresh chillies. Along with some late season pea-greens, incredible littleneck clams and juicy concord grapes we have another great bounty on our hands.

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Spicy Okra

Spicy Okra with Paneer

Of all the vegetables and produce available at the market, okra is high on the list of those I find troublesome. I have an aversion to that mucous-like slimy texture that seems synonymous with okra. Mountain Yam is another offender I steer well clear of. Fortunately I found this dish for spicy okra which uses […]

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lima beans, smoked bacon, farro

Lima Beans, Smoked Bacon and Farro; a warming dish for early fall

I had to turn my heating on for the first time this morning. Now the temperature has started to dip into the 50’s at night our food tastes turn towards soups and stews that will warm us up and keep us warm. This dish, a rough mix of lima beans (that’s butter beans to the […]

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Linguini with Clams

Linguini with Clams and Smoked Bacon; Simple Green Salad

Every week as I scour the market for the best in local seasonal produce, I have an inner struggle at the fishmonger’s stand. My task is not just to buy food with taste, but food that will last a few days so my customers won’t be forced to cook on delivery day. Much as I’d […]

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