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yakitori chicken and simmered squash

Weekly Menu for August 31st: Sweet and Sour

Each meal this week has a nice play between sweet and sour. Sweet beets and vinegar to go with some rich oily fish. Sweet roast peppers offset by tangy goat cheese in a delicious risotto. Sour of the pickled plums contrasting with the sweetness of the caramelised chicken for a simple Japanese Yakitori.  What we’re […]

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new york seasonal produce August 24th 2013

Seasonal Produce Report: What’s Fresh August 24th 2013

  We’re starting to see the end of mid-summer produce, but that just means more room for late summer and fall crops as we enter the best time of the year for New York Seasonal Produce.

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yakitori chicken and simmered squash

Yakitori Chicken, Simmered Squash with Konbu

Almost the end of summer and time for another Japanese dinner I think. This is a lovely simple dinner: simple yakitori chicken with pencil thin leeks and some soothing squash simmered with konbu seaweed. It’s a great combination of sweet caramelised chicken, some sourness from marinating in pickled plums and a mellow slightly sweet flavour […]

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sweet pepper risotto

Sweet Pepper Risotto with Goat’s cheese; bonus Kale Salad

After having been away for a couple of weeks there is a distinct change from high summer to late summer in both weather and produce. As an Englishman I am very pleased the heat has tempered somewhat; as a cook I feel I can use the stove and oven a little more, and as someone […]

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Mackerel and Oatmeal, beets and carrots

Oatmeal crusted Mackerel with Beets and Carrots

I’ve been waiting patiently for a nice piece of mackerel to show up all summer. And so at market this week I was extraordinarily happy when I saw a fillet sitting on ice, waiting for me. It is without doubt my favourite fish and I think one much underrated. Mackerel is a great oily fish, […]

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Weekly Menu for August 23rd: do-over week

Every once in a while we revisit some dishes we made earlier. This week welcomes back one of our all-time favourites, along with the ratatouille we made a few weeks back. Of course, when we come back to these seasonal meals some ingredients aren’t available anymore. So this week where we had peas with our […]

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Ratatouille is a staple of French home cooking. It’s one those dishes that is so deeply ingrained in the French culinary psyche that it prompts fierce debate as to what is the ‘right’ way to make it. Much like the shepherd’s pie to the Brits and perhaps meatloaf or chili to the Americans, ratatouille is […]

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Weekly Menu for August 2nd : South of the border

This week has a distinctively latin feel to it, with the distinctive flavours of jalapeño, cilantro, tomatillo and lime. Whilst none of the meals are intended to be ‘authentic’ there’s an overall feeling of spicy smoky tartness that runs through many South American dishes.

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