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Grilled Asparagus Hollandaise

Grilled Asparagus and Poached Egg with Sumac Hollandaise

I’m not going to lie to you, hollandaise sauce is the fickle beauty of cooking. If it weren’t one of the greatest sauces ever to grace a plate, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Egg yolk, acid and lots (I mean lots) of butter are held together in a rich, fragile emulsion. It might split […]

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A selection of New York seasonal produce — April 27h 2013

New York Seasonal Produce — What’s Fresh April 27th 2013

Last week I mentioned that you needed to get to the market ever earlier to beat the crowds. This week I tried a new strategy by going to Union Square Greenmarket on the friday instead of saturday. Although I made it there a little later in the morning, it was still a more laid back […]

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chickweed lasagne

Chickweed, Watercress and Arugula Lasagna with Prosciutto Crisps

I was quite enamoured with the bundle of chickweed I picked up from Paffenroth Gardens this week. A perky ball of round stalks and perky leaves with a mild grassy flavour. I decided to use up some produce left over from last week’s canelloni to make a delicious spring herb lasagna and treat it to […]

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stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms with Farro and Preserved Lemon and a Sharp Side Salad

This is the second of my long overdue forays into Ottolenghi’s book and this time it’s to try out his recipe for stuffed mushrooms for you all. I got some great fleshy portobello mushrooms from Bulich Farm this week, and I never need an excuse to cook up some farro so this recipe seemed like […]

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lentil and chard soup

Swiss Chard, Red Lentil and Lemon Soup for Spring

I’ll admit now to being a little apprehensive about making this soup for a few reasons. There’s the use of red lentils; which I associate (unfairly) with bad ’70s vegetarian cookery. There’s the use of cinnamon, which has a tendency to overpower any subtlety of flavours. And then there’s the knowledge that the psychedelic colours […]

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grilled porgy

Grilled Porgy with Green Garlic salsa

A few weeks ago I cooked a porgy in a little sauna of sake and green garlic.  Moist and succulent, it was so good I was determined to revisit this delicious and abundant fish. Now the weather is a little warmer and we can start cooking outside every now and again. Although here in the states […]

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April 20th Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu — April 20th 2013

There are some cookbooks I have that I’d love to use.  Somehow when it comes to weekly menu planning time they just don’t make the cut. Sometimes it’s because they demand lengthy lists of ingredients or over elaborate cooking methods. I file these ones away for special occasions or if I’m feeling particularly masochistic.   […]

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A selection of New York seasonal produce — April 13th 2013

New York Seasonal Produce — what’s fresh April 20th 2013

I’ve noticed this week that in order to get the best New York Seasonal Produce you have to get to the market earlier and earlier to avoid the crowds. Whereas just a few weeks ago Union Square was pretty empty at 8.15am, it’s now already pretty busy. Luckily for you late kids, my guide will […]

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pickled carrots salad with chickpeas and chicken

Pickled Carrots, Spiced Chickpeas, Ginger Chicken

After a couple of carb-loaded meals (pasta and a pie), I think it’s time to redress the balance with a nice clean salad. I’d been inspired by a carrot salad I’d seen over at the ever-delicious 101 Cookbooks, and I wanted to try something along those lines. I decided to compose a salad with three […]

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