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weekly menu for march 30th

Weekly Menu — March 30th 2013

Today’s weekly menu reflects the change in seasons. The produce at the market is bridging from overwintered roots and earthy flavours to spring flowers and leafy greens. The weather is doing the same thing. Over the next week we are going to have temperatures ranging from just above freezing on Wednesday to an almost balmy […]

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A selection of New York seasonal produce — March 30th 2013

New York Seasonal Produce — What’s Fresh March 30th 2013

This week I broke, well bent, my rules. Usually I pick up only the freshest, tastiest New York seasonal produce to use as a base for the menu for the week. But sometimes you just get into your head that you want to try putting something together. This week I had watched a programme on […]

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Mint Ice cream

Mint Ice Cream — a dessert to exhilarate the mind and soothe the stomach

I bought a nice bundle of mint to use with my lamb this week, and it seemed a shame not to make a dish that lets this great herb stand on its own as well. As I’d also got a hold of some rather good looking eggs, I decided that I would make my first […]

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Carbonara – Italian for Eggs and Bacon

  Some meals can only be described as alchemic. Flavours and textures combine in a way that makes them so very much more than the sum of their parts. So it is with eggs and bacon. We all know bacon is good stuff. Fat and salt make it the ultimate vegetarian-turner. And eggs. Along with […]

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minced wild garlic

Minced Wild Garlic — instant emerald goodness

I have never had to chop a sauce before, so there’s a first time for everything. It started innocuously enough with a call to my sister on the Isle of Wight. I was telling her about my gift of foraged goodies from Tama Matsuoka Wong and how I had a big ziploc bag of wild […]

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steamed lamb with cous cous

Lamb shoulder, wild garlic, mint —A treat for Easter or Passover

  Easter lunch at the Barnes & Hoggetts Sr. household means roast lamb. Every year my father wreaks havoc in the kitchen as he uses every pan available to make his signature (and one of my favourite) dishes. The combination of lamb and garlic is set off by that most traditional of British condiments: mint […]

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Soused Fish, Green Leaves, Dark Bread

Soused Fish, Green Leaves, Dark Bread

When I go to market to pick up the best of the weeks’ seasonal produce I know that if the fish is good I’ll be having that for supper on the day I buy it. And usually that’s it for eating fresh fish for the week. Sometimes you want to have the fish later in […]

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Bessara — a dried fava bean soup, with sorrel

Bessara — a dried fava bean soup, with sorrel

While looking for good foods to explore for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover, I found an intriguing recipe from Claudia Roden’s Book  of Jewish Food. It was  for a soup made using dried fava (or broad) beans. Apparently it’s eaten in Morocco during passover as “that is what the Hebrews ate in Egypt”. I […]

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Roast Bluefish

Bluefish with roast potatoes and onions, and a side salad to lift it

At the market this week I was once again eagerly looking forward to picking up some mackerel from PE & DD Seafoods. Mackerel is beautiful to look at and such a fine taste: oily and fishy, but not too fishy.  Sadly once again, Long Island Sound failed to offer up my favourite fish. This is what being a […]

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